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Pricing / Do I Qualify?

Call Allan today at 888.725.3655 to discover how affordable membership with The Senior’s Choice really is.

He’ll explain how our one-time Initial Enrollment Fee is less than the cost of joining any of our franchise competitors. Not only do franchises charge a higher up-front fee, but they also charge those annoying monthly Royalty Fees – which will cost you about $600,000 or more over the course of your contractual agreement with them. (Want to learn the truth about how franchise Royalty Fees eat away at your profits? Click here to see.)

Again, there are NO Royalty Fees with The Senior’s Choice. Instead, we charge a small, fixed monthly membership fee, which doesn’t increase as your revenues grow – saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of your business. Isn’t that reason enough to consider joining The Senior’s Choice? Add to that the fact that there are NO long-term contracts, NO non-compete provisions (in case you ever decide to cancel your membership), our epic award-winning validation, instant access to up to $20,000 in Up-Front Financing for qualified candidates, and the branding power that you can only get from membership in the world’s most recognizable senior care network, and it becomes clear that you owe it to yourself (and your business) to call us today:


When you view your membership as the most important investment that you could ever make in your company, we think you'll agree that the cost of membership is surprisingly affordable.

Financing Available? YES!

Since we believe in giving our members Choices in all matters of running their businesses, we thought it would only be fair to offer you financing Choices in becoming a member. Steve is happy to discuss financing options with you, so give him a call today at: 888.725.3655.

We give you the financial flexibility to decide how much to pay and when to pay. Where else are you going to get Choices like that?

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